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New Ford Bronco
Finally we will see the new ford bronco price in the market soon. We know, since its...
New Ford Bronco price 2016 announced this year

Finally we will see the new ford bronco price in the market soon. We know, since its last appearance in more than 2 decades ago, famous off-road rig ford bronco seems disappear from the market. Actually, in 2004 the concept of 1996 ford bronco was unveiled to public. But, the design for 2016 is mostly different with you ever saw last decade ago. The change of this new 2-door 4×4 SUV can be easily seen suddenly when you open the door then see the cabin. It seems larger than its predecessor with two leather seats at front and three seats at rear.

The interior of this new bronco will stun everyone. You will see the dashboard finished with sleek wood fixtures that combined with high quality of leather. It can be seen, the change, also on the features applied on it. It makes people be not patient waiting the new ford bronco release date. It has completed with GPS navigation as many today cars. Some aspects also represent the modernity such as online radio, Bluetooth, USB ports and many automatic buttons to operate some functions easily. With those advantages, we will see how much the new ford bronco price.

With such elegant interior, this 4×4 SUV must have something wow under the hood. Exactly, new ford bronco priceis available in some optional engines. The first is 4.9L Powerstrokeengine with V-6diesel technology. It is claimed can deliver out 330 horsepower. It is the lowest level of engine provided by Ford for this car. The second engine available is 5.0L Coyote with V-8 technology. This is more powerful than the lower with the power can reach 420 horsepower.

The third optional engine will be the most powerful from this line. Some issues say that the new ford bronco concept release date will be installed 5.8L Supercharged V-8 engine from famous supercar Ford Mustang GT500. It can deliver maximum 662 of horsepower and 631 lb-ft of torque. We will see the realization of this concept while waiting for new ford bronco price too.