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Fastest cars

Now this is interesting subject. What is the fastest cars under 20k on the market right now?  In this post i talk about used cars, because in my opinion.. i prefer to buy nice high quality used car than buy new one but with average quality. If you agree with me, we can continue on the list…

No ..i’m not gonna make top ten list…i only take 5 used cars that always pop up on the fastest used cars under 20k list, and here they are :

  1. Chevrolet Camaro
  2. Chevrolet Corvette
  3. Ford Mustang
  4. Honda S2000
  5. Nissan 350Z

2005 Chevrolet Corvette‘s hood section : Rear Wheel Drive 6.0 L V 8-cylinder engine with 6-speed Manual Transmission, 400 hp @ 6000 rpm can we still doubt about the speed performance? Wanna reach 0-60mph in less than 5 sec? It will bring you there.. while it claimed  have 186 mph maximum speed. The mpg rating is 16/26…well i’m sure it is not important for people who decide to buy sports car.