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BMW i3 electric car has become the most anticipated environmentally friendly cars in Europe. BMW will launch the BMW i3 in early 2014 with an estimated starting price of U.S. $ 35 thousand .

So far, BMW has only released exterior design without showing interior design of electric vehicles that developed under Megacity code.

Well, ahead of the launch of the BMW i3 , This German manufacturer started to open the carís interior design in 3D. And also the exterior design of production version.

The exterior of the BMW i3 is very elegant with headlights and LED rear tail in back section. Its exterior has been no doubt, the exterior design is very futuristic compared to other electric cars.

The Interesting part is the line to the rear side glass is not created equal as other electric cars. BMW designers intentionally create a broken glass design as the future of electric cars.

Meanwhile, the interior is very futuristic. Shades of blue embedded in the steering wheel as a sign of environmentally friendly cars. Wheel shape is ordinary, but when see the dashboard we will know that this is one of classy car.

BMW i3 dashboard design try to play with bright colors and dark. In the middle of the dashboard embedded touch screen with internet services connection available, plus navigation and entertainment features.

BMW replaces instrument panel design that too much behind the wheel and pinned the small screen to provide the information about capacity of car battery.¬  Greater freight capacity because both rear seats can be folded forward.