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Aston Martin

British iconic brands , Aston Martin hopes to create a Sport Utility Vehicle ( SUV ) in the future . Aston Martin said that they need SUV to boost sales .

Aston Martin Product manager Andy Haslam  said that many Aston Martin DB9 owners also have a Range Rover . This indicates that customer demand is already there .

Aston Martin CEO Ulrich Bez admited they are very interested in the idea. But Aston Martin financial haven’t support it . Aston Martin has recently announced posted after tax loss up to 24.9 million pounds, or approximately USD 455.9 billion until December 2012 due to poor market conditions in Europe .

Aston Martin Cygnet city car sales even had to stop in the end of this month . ” I hope it ( SUV ) here today , I think it’s important , but we do not have the money , ” Bez admitted .

SUV, when it exist,  will give wider market such as the U.S. and – in particular – China where two-door sports car demand is relatively low compared to the SUV .

Aston Martin Opponents such as Porsche already have Cayenne and will add Macan as ammunition. While Bentley , Jaguar and Maserati has confirmed that they will launch the SUV in the next two years .

Aston Martin is already showcased the Lagonda SUV concept at the Geneva Motor Show in 2009.